Illumio Core Associate: On-premises

This certification level introduces you to Illumio Core. Using self-paced courses, you will learn how to label workloads, write policies, and visualize traffic using various tools, role-based access control, and the Illumio API. You will also learn how to administer the On-Premise PCE and the VENs.

This certification level is ideal for users in App Owner roles.

Course Type Description
Self-Paced The self-paced option contains slides and quizzes allowing you to prepare for the certification exam at your own convenience.

101 Intro to Core

110 Workloads & Labeling

120 VEN Administration

130 Policy Management I - Illumination Plus

140 Traffic Visualization

150 Policy Management II

160 RBAC

201 PCE Admin I

202 PCE Admin II

210 API

Illumio Core Associate: On-premises Certification Exam

Contact to take the Illumio Core: On-Premises certification path and the non-proctored written certification exam.