Office Hours

Illumio Training is providing monthly office hours for you to ask our instructors any questions that you may have after attending instructor-led training or self-paced courses.

What is it?

An open Q&A session on Illumio training content.

What will we cover?

Any topics related to courses offered by the Illumio Training team.

Who can attend?

Office hours are opened to anyone who had completed an instructor-led or self-paced course.


  • Ask questions and get clarification on course content.
  • Review concepts.
  • Prepare for a certification exam.
  • Assistance with practice problems.
  • Get guidance on supplemental documents or other resources.


Do I need to attend the whole session?
No, you can join and leave the session at any time.

What is the scope of the session?
The session is limited to content created and delivered by the Illumio Training team.

Will labs be provided?
No, however, the instructor will use a lab environment for demonstration purposes.

Can I bring a sample scenario to the session?
Yes, as long as it is related to the course material.

Can I stay longer than the allocated timeslot?
The session duration is limited to one hour.