Illumio Core Specialist: On-premises

This certification level introduces you to Illumio Core. You will be a specialist in labeling workloads, policy writing, visualizing traffic using various tools, role-based access control, and the Illumio API. You will also learn how to administer the On-Premise PCE and the VENs.

This certification level is ideal for users in App Owner roles.

You must have completed 4 instructor-led courses below before scheduling a certification exam. Contact to schedule an examination session.

Course Type Description
Self-Paced The self-paced option contains slides and quizzes allowing you to prepare for the certification exam at your own convenience.
Instructor-Led The instructor-led option provides a virtual session where users walk through different concepts with the help of an instructor. A lab environment is also provided where users will have temporary access to sandbox PCE instances allowing the skills learned in the virtual session to be tested.

101 Intro to Core

110 Workloads & Labeling

120 VEN Administration

130 Policy Management I - Illumination Plus

140 Traffic Visualization

150 Policy Management II

160 RBAC

201 PCE Admin I

202 PCE Admin II

210 API

Illumio Core Specialist: On-premises Certification Exam

Once you feel prepared, contact to schedule an examination session.